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Owlver Network

A pure social community for independent bloggers and unplugged people who want to read only valuable stories.

  • What is Owlver?
    Another Feed Reader?

    No… yes… mostly no. Owlver is a social community for bloggers and aims to fix feeds idiosyncrasies problems, but Yes, You can use it as a feed reader too. Owlver has the next generation of feed readers abilities. It's fast and pure with socialized experience.

  • Am I need to pay for something?

    No. It's free and always will be. Owlver is a community [and not commercial] project. Like Wikipedia. If we need money we'll open donation system.

  • Why should I join Owlver?

    If you're a blogger, you blogging for audience not for yourself. Owlver give you thousands of real and interested audience. If you are not, You can enjoy distraction-free reading experience on Owlver.

  • What I need to join Owlver?

    For bloggers, a weblog (on blogging service or on your own host) and a knack for writing.
    For non-bloggers, nothing but a thirst for reading awesome stories.

  • I'm not writing in English

    It's Ok Owlver has built-in support for both LTR and RTL languages.

  • How can I access to Owlver?

    Desktop and Mobile Web Client and Applications for iOS and Android

  • 14032 Monthly active users
  • 4245 Feeds to revelation
  • 2422899 Stories to inspiration
  • And still growing...