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The Ncase M1, a crowdfunded marvel of a PC case, has been discontinued

The final product wound up being remarkably faithful to this early render. | Image: Ncase

In 2012, fed up with the sorry state of small-form-factor (SFF) computer cases, two users on the HardOCP community forum decided to create their own. Wahaha360 and Necere came up with the $200+ Ncase M1, a 12.7-liter marvel designed to put every cubic centimeter of that space to good use. Amazingly, they managed to attract the attention of renowned PC manufacturer Lian-Li to manufacture small batches of their crowdfunded case out of high-quality aluminum, and the result was greeted with rave reviews.

Nine years later, though, Ncase has announced that it’s discontinuing the M1 for good.

It’s a weird situation. Yesterday, the company posted that it had discontinued the M1 entirely — but overnight, the post was updated to...

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