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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Owlver? Another Feed Reader?

    No… yes… mostly no. Owlver is a social community for bloggers and aims to fix feeds idiosyncrasies problems, but Yes, You can use it as a feed reader too. Owlver has the next generation of feed readers abilities. It's fast and pure with socialized experience.

  • Am I need to pay for something?

    No. It's free and always will be. Owlver is a community [and not commercial] project. Like Wikipedia. If we need money we'll open donation system.

  • Why should I join Owlver?

    If you're a blogger, you blogging for audience not for yourself. Owlver give you thousands of real and interested audience. If you are not, You can enjoy distraction-free reading experience on Owlver.

  • What I need to join Owlver?

    For bloggers, a weblog (on blogging service or on your own host) and a knack for writing.
    For non-bloggers, nothing but a thirst for reading awesome stories.

  • I'm not writing in English

    It's Ok Owlver has built-in support for both LTR and RTL languages.

  • How can I access to Owlver?

    Desktop and Mobile Web Client and Applications for iOS and Android

  • What about my blog's seo?

    Don't worry. Owlver shows a canonical link with your story's original link. So search engines will understand that content in Owlver is a copy of your original content and keeps credit for your blog.

  • What does Owlver mean?

    Owlver is a nickname for our Socialized Feed Aggretor Service and it's comes from:

    1. Owl: Owl of Athena, the symbol of knowledge in greek mythology.
    2. OWL: Web Ontology Language. Owlver is trying to get back to what the web was.
    3. Oliver Twist: The first fiction book that our CEO read.

  • I want to remove my content from Owlver Network

    Well... It's sad. First of all, you should know every story in Owlver Network has a canonical link to your original content. So search engines like Google know that your story originally published in your blog/website first. although, every story in Owlver Network will publish with the author's name, username, avatar and website URL. Regarding this information, If you still want to remove your content, You can simply submit a request at the contact page. It'll take up to 1 business day to remove your content from Owlver Network's main servers. Removing caches and search results may take a bit longer.